Twenty-one-year-old, Shali Jonzun, Founder of The Voice of Young America Network, born with the gift of prophecy (Jer.1:5), is an Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Talk Show Host dedicated to using his gifts and talents for the glory of the Kingdom.

Starting on commercial radio in 2006,  at the age of 9, as Co-Host of his parents all-star entertainment industry talk show, Audition Radio, gave him a worldwide voice to encourage his peers to use their musical talents in a positive  and constructive way. However, by 2007, armed with the favor of God and firm belief that your mental diet affects your outcome (Romans 12:2), Shali was offered his own time slot, for his own broadcast, that he created and co-developed, known as Jonzun Radio Kids.   Jonzun Radio Kids was the first program launched on The Voice of Young America Network. 

At the time of launch, and even today, Jonzun Radio Kids a talk show that celebrates our youth (Jeremiah 1:7), and those that support them, is groundbreaking in a world of media that tends to depict young people as crime committing, thoughtless, and insignificant. To that end, Jonzun Radio Kids gives young people worldwide, and those who support them, a platform to express their opinions and positive works, including the voices of Youth Leaders, Celebrities, Young Entrepreneurs, Sports Figures, and Everyday Kids. 

 Between the two broadcasts, Audition Radio & Jonzun Radio Kids, Shali has had the honor of interviewing hundreds of notable & inspiring Guests, such as: Stan “The Man” Lee (Spiderman, Iron Man creator), Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr., Hurricane Katrina Survivors/Youth Leaders (as featured on CNN’s “Children of The Storm”), NFL Greats & Legends (Greg Jennings/Green Bay Packers, Ian Gold/Denver Broncos, ‘Neon’ Leon Bright/NY Giants/Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Multi-Platinum Teen Opera Singer, Holly Stell who performed a duet w/ Andrea Bocelli, Boxing Legends & Icons – Doug “The Godfather of Boxing” Pendarvis and Angelo Dundee, Walter Scott of The Whispers, Pop Icon Tiffany, UNICEF Canadian Youth Ambassador, Bilaal Rajan,Teen Quadriplegic U.S. Open Surfer, Patrick Ivison, Kashif (Legendary Producer/Writer/Artist), 10 yr. old National Spokesmodel of Just For Me hair products, Dionnie Colon (featured in Jet, Ebony, & Essence), S. Truett Cathy, Chick-Fil-A Owner/Founder,  Danny Raye (James Brown’s Emcee & Cape Man), Teen Visual Artist, Akiane (as featured on Oprah), Boys & Girls Club’s Nat’l Youth of the Year, Demetrice Tuttle, and countless Kid-On-The-Street interviews, to name a very brief few.

Shali’s recognitions for his works include:2011 City of Boston Recognition Award for Outstanding Professional Achievements (from Boston City Councilman, Charles Yancey)  2009 Strathmore’s Who’s Who inclusion for “Outstanding Business & Professional Achievements,” 2008 U.S. Congressional Recognition Award (from Congresswoman Shelley Berkley (D-NV), invited 2008 “Youth Education Celebration Panelist/Guest Speaker & Youth Ambassador” at Don Barden’s star-studded 6th Anniversary Celebration of the Fitz (Las Vegas), named America’s Amazing Kid! of The Month July 2008 by Amazing Kids!, Letter of Encouragement from former Pres. George W. Bush, K.E.N.N.Y Kids Magazne’s “Entrepreneur of The Month Oct. 2007, ” front page news coverage (Daytona Times,, and other internet sites), to name a few.

Continuing to build and expand The Voice of Young America Network, the Lord inspired Shali in 2012 to create the Inspirational Moment – a brief 60-90 second PSA format Scripture based inspirational Message, --  and by 2013, through the encouragement of Program Director Larry Steele, developed Youth Inspiration Today—addressing the everyday challenges and issues young people are facing today from a biblical perspective.

Charity is also very important to Shali.  Both personally and through his Network,  he is involved in reaching out to those in need each and every day; including an annual toy and gift drive benefiting the homeless & needy children in his community.

And as always, Shali keeps an open invitation to listeners around the globe to become involved in his ministry of broadcasts by contacting him at



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Shali Jonzun featured on Front Page of w/  2007 Launch

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Shali Jonzun

Shali Jonzun, Network Founder & Program Host

United States Congressional Recognition Award presented to
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President George W. Bush Sent his Photo w/ Letter To Shali (see below)

Congresswoman Ms. Shelley Berkley presents Shali w/ United States Congressional Recognition Award (please see below)

Shali Jonzun, Front Page News for the  2007 Launch of Jonzun Radio Kids, on WPUL AM (Daytona Beach, FL). Our Nation's Youngest Commercial Terrestrial Radio Talk Show Host

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Shali Jonzun, Invited 2008 “Youth Education Celebration Panelist/Guest Speaker & Youth Ambassador” at Don Barden’s star-studded 6th Anniversary Celebration of the Fitz
(Las Vegas, NV)

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